Cross stitch - Stitch Along (Periodic table of elements)

I am so excited to be doing another Cross stitch Stitch-along with you all, I have had so much fun with the last one. This pattern is going to be a very large project, so I have split it up over 7 months. I have included below the timetable for each release, as well as the finished pattern size and thread colours you will need for this project. However, please use whichever colours you wish :) Even though the project is running for 7 months I have tried to split it up so that there isn't too much to do each month so you can also focus on other projects you may have.

I will be sending out an email on each of the dates listed below when each of the parts are released so you don't miss out. They will also be on the website from 2am (GMT)

If you didn't know already have a Discord community for anyone who would like to join, it's a place to share current projects, chat and help each other. If you would like to join the community, then just click the link below.


I can't wait to start releasing this Cross stitch pattern in the new year with you all, I have set it up to start on the 3rd Jan giving people time to get everything they may need to get ready for the stitch along. (Timetable below)



This pattern is 252 x 181, this doesn't include any borders.

14 count Aida: 18 x 12.9 inches

16 count Aida: 15.8 x 11.3 inches

18 count Aida: 14 x 10.1 inches



You can use whichever colours you like, however, to give you a guide of how much of each colour is needed I have included a list of colours and the amount you will need.


Colour Number Name Stands Length Stitches
310 Black 2 4.4 skeins 5310
347 Salmon very dark 2 1.1 skeins 1450
704 Chartreuse bright 2 1.9 skeins 2596
3853 Autumn Gold dark 2 1.0 skeins 1384
743 Yellow medium 2 6.7 skeins 8896
826 Blue medium 2 1.3 skeins 1748
552 Violet medium 2 1.2 skeins 1629
3689 Mauve light 2 2.8 skeins 3752
3687 Mauve 2 2.8 skeins 3710
800 Delft Blue pale 2 1.2 skeins 1668
3746 Blue Violet dark 2 1.1 skeins 1457



Release Dates Number of Patterns
Jan 3rd 13 patterns
Jan 31st 20 patterns
Feb 28th 18 patterns
March 28th 16 patterns
April 25th 16 patterns
May 23rd 13 patterns
June 20th 13 patterns
July 18th 11 patterns


If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch with me, you can do this a few ways, drop me an email or discord.

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  • Reeda Hickman on

    I had received all the parts and saved them. The account I saved them to got hacked. I was wondering if you could resend me part 6 through the end again. Please and thank you to the above email

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